The information that [Scott] gave me has empowered me and has lit a new spark in me.  Sporting clays has been in my life since 1996 and I have always enjoyed the sport and people. I have put it on the back burner a bit because of my job keeping me away but also I had been having continual problems with my beloved Browning.  Since the recent purchase of my new gun I want to get back on the fields and have fun and get back to shooting more tournaments.
I enjoyed [Scott's] style and how [he] presented different aspects of shooting my new gun. I look forward to working with [him] again when I get back into town. I walked away feeling inspired again!

- D. Hedberg


Earlier this year, my son Ryan went to Jax gun club for a outing and met David Dobson. He saw potential in my son and directed us to Scott Hensley for lessons and instruction.  I have been so incredibly happy with the way he teaches my son, who is 13.  Mr. Hensley is professional, fun loving, and very involved in the sport of shooting.  I would highly recommend him to anyone who asked.
- Joeymichelle Noble
I am a 50 year old man that has never shot before and wanted to learn because I have a son who shoots for his college and I wanted to be able to shoot with him.  During the two days that Scott worked with me, I went from hitting 12 targets a round in skeet and trap to breaking 20-23.  He was very professional and extremely knowledgeable.  He was able to answer every question I had with great detail and simplicity.  He made the lessons fun and had me shooting better than I ever thought possible.  I would recommend Scott to anyone who has an interest in learning to shoot.
- Mike



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