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Hensley Shooting Sports is operated by Scott Hensley. We provide instruction across all clay disciplines to shooters with a variety of skill levels. All shooters, beginners to advanced, learn the basic fundamentals that are the building blocks to a successful shot. Instruction is available for Sporting Clays, Skeet, and Trap as well as wingshooting. If you are a hunter and are looking to get some practice and instruction before your next season opens, contact us and we can discuss your shooting needs.

Scott has experience communicating to all age levels.  He was a football coach at Wildwood High School for two years following graduation and worked as a management assistant in The Villages, FL during his summers home from school.  He is a captain for the Jacksonville University Shooting team which has earned the honor of Divisional National Champion each of the last three years. 

Scott studied under Daniel Schindler at Paragon School of Sporting.  He has also been mentored by David Dobson (NSCA & NSSA Master Instructor) for three years.  His knowledge of all disciplines and his drive to see everyone succeed makes him an effective and fun instructor to learn from.

 Scott's Story:

I grew up as an athlete playing football, baseball, and basketball.  I have a loving set of parents who supported my younger brother (Sean) and I in everything that we did.  This included traveling around the state nearly every weekend for a tournament.  Sports were a huge part of my family and it was something that we all loved.  Most weekends you could find my Dad coaching and my Mom working the sidelines with water, towels, and a huge smile.  As I grew older I found a particular love for football.  I aspired to play Division I football and began working towards that goal.  Even though football was my love, I continued playing basketball and baseball throughout high school.  I graduated from Wildwood High School with the honor of Summa Cum Laude (4.2 GPA) and signed to play football for Jacksonville University. 

In my off season I found myself preparing for college and coaching my brother.  At JU I was part of the 2010 Pioneer League Championship team.  During that season I found that my love for playing football had shifted to coaching.  I had also found a new love and it was shooting.  As a result of this I stepped away from football to coach at my alma mater and pursue shooting.  I found that coaching was my real passion and that I wanted to be able to coach shooters. 

I saw the potential of shooting sports and the growing number of youth shooters.  I felt as though I could help make a difference in the lives of these young shooters.  I have a passion for teaching the youth and want to pass along as much information from my experiences as I can.  I want to help young shooters develop not only as a shooter but as an individual. 

As graduate student at Jacksonville University, I understand what is needed to not only get into college but to be successful.  I had many questions that I had to seek the answers to and I want to be able to help the young men and women of the shooting sports through this process.


JU SCTP Southeast Regional Championship 3rd Place HOA (Ind.)
JU SCTP Southeast Regional Championship RU HOA (Team)
2014 AC U I East Coast International Championship HOA Champion

Spring 2014 SCTP South East Regional Championship 4th Place HOA

2014 AC U I Lower South East Regional Championship HOA Champion

2013 Emory Pappy Memorial Southeastern Invitational (Doubles, 12 ga., 20 ga. Class Champion)

SCTP Georgia State Championship Collegiate Skeet Runner-Up (Ind.)

SCTP Georgia State Championship Collegiate Sporting Champion (Ind.)
SCTP Georgia State Championship Collegiate Sporting RU (Team)
SCTP Georgia State Championship Collegiate Skeet Champion (Team)
US Clay Target Academy USAS PTO Shotgun Champion (Olympic Skeet)
Family Foundations 10th Annual Sporting Clays Classic  *Collegiate Champion  *Championship Team
AC U I Division – III Team 2nd HOA
JSEICS Fall 2012  * 4th Place Men’s International Wobble Trap
Indian River Trap and Skeet Monthly Registered  *1st place Class  * 1st place - Junior                               
Quail Creek Plantation Summer Sparkler  *1st Place Class  *3rd Place – Junior 
JSEICS Spring 2012  * Skeet Champion
Family Foundation 9th Annual Sporting Clays Classic  * Collegiate Champion  * Championship Team         
AC U I – Collegiate Clay Target Championships  * Gold Medal Team Division III International Skeet                   
AC U I – Collegiate Clay Target Championships  * Bronze Medal Team Division-III Sporting Clays
AC U I – Collegiate Clay Target Championships  * Bronze Medal Division-III American Skeet
AC U I – Collegiate Clay Target Championships  * Silver Medal Division-III Team International Skeet             
AC U I – Collegiate Clay Target Championships  * Silver Medal Division-III Team International Trap
Association of College Unions International (AC U I)   * Gold Medal Division-III Team 5-Stand 
Flagler Gun & Archery Club – Intercollegiate Holiday Shoot * 1st Place Skeet















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