Hensley Shooting Sports is operated by Scott Hensley. Instruction is provided across all clay disciplines to shooters with a variety of skill levels. All shooters, beginners to advanced, learn the basic fundamentals that are the building blocks to a successful shot.

Shooters are taught the importance of the mental game in shooting and learn how to effectively build a shot. They are taught how to manage emotions to produce a consistent, effective routine that is personalized for them. This will increase consistency and will produce better scores on the course.

If you are a new shooter with little or no experience or a master class shooter looking to get back to the top of your game; Hensley Shooting Sports is the right choice.

The focus for HSS is to develop a comfortable and lasting relationship with our shooters.  It is important to understand the needs, desires, and personalities of each person in order to develop the best possible action plan to reach their goals. 

Shooters will learn how to build an effective, consistent, shot that will propel them towards their shooting goals.  They will learn how to read targets and flight paths to determine the best break-point as well as choke selection and load selection. 

                  Lesson Types:

                      -  Individual (Sporting or Wingshooting)

                      -  Group (Sporting or Wingshooting)

                      -  Half-day or Full-day Clinics







            Sponsors (Pro-Staff)

    We are a small family-owned business in Western New York that specializes in designing and manufacturing voice releases to make practice time more accessible to individual shooters.
    Our line of Autopullers cover the needs of every shooter... whether you are a novice or an expert; young or not-so-young; shoot skeet, trap, sporting clay, or a combination; or if you practice in your backyard, at a club, or both... there's an Autopuller model that will fit your needs.

    We are proud to say that Autopullers are used by Olympians, Pros, Instructors, and Shooters in every state and internationally.

As a sportsman, you owe it to yourself to protect your eyes every time you shoot. Consider the effect on your life if your vision were impaired. We are not aware of any exceptions to the course management rule that makes eye protection mandatory. Harold Morgan
, owner of Morgan Optical Sport Glasses, has been practicing in the optical field for over 49 years. His expertise in the knowledge of optics, colors, lenses, (prescription and non prescription), has subsequently led to consulting and advising a variety of shooting enthusiasts , trap, skeet, sporting clays, hunting, pistol, rifle, and cowboy action shooting. Harold knows from personal experience that  eye-wear can improve your overall shooting performance. We invite you to explore the sites of colored lenses and the performance they deliver.You finally have the ability to offer yourself the most desirable lens attributes for all shooting needs, without compromising optical performance!

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